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Performance Consulting Matrix

At Handshaw, we modeled our basis for performance consulting practice on the same principles as our other service offerings: achievement of results leading to the attainment of business goals. Jim and Dana Robinson, pioneers in the field of performance consulting who served as mentors to our consultants, more specifically define performance consulting as a process in which a client and consultant partner to accomplish the strategic outcome of optimizing workplace performance in support of business goals.

Sometimes gaps are identified that cannot be fully closed with training. There may be work environment factors that prevent employees from successfully performing their jobs. Or, employees may have all the training they need to be successful, but expectations for performance are not effectively communicated. By looking beyond the domain of training, Handshaw consultants can identify solutions that go beyond training to provide real results.

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Beth Hughes, CPTIn 2012, Beth Hughes was recognized by the International Society for Performance Improvement as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT). Beth's work epitomizes our commitment to the human performance improvement initiative to make sure that our learning solutions solve real business problems for our clients and deliver the results our clients need.